Najeon chilgi

 Lacquer Ware inlaid with Mother-of-pearl                   l

 Korean Lacquer that is begun from Bronze Age end is traditional craft that have             individual development and              specific character.

Najeon Chilgi is a piece of wooden furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl and with a Lacquer finish.

The najeon refers to the technical artistic craft used to decorate articles with mother-of-pearl.

As this craft was mainly used in the past for Chilgi, Lacquering wooden articles, the compound word Najeon Chilgi has become established as one term.

As for najeon chilgi in Korea, it uses mother-of-pearl in various designs glued to the surface of lacquered wooden articles and then lacquered again. Finishing is done by sanding and grinding off the excess lacquer with sandpaper or charcoal, and then polishing the whole article with a brightener. Najeon chilgi made through  this complex processes is mysterious and beautiful, as the mother-of-pearl shines with the clear, bright colors of a rainbow when light strikes it.

Najeon Chilgi developed in its own way in Korea and became very popular in the Goryeo Dynasty.

The najeon chilgi made in the Goryeo Dynasty mostly contained the sliced shells of abalone.

It was because the shells showed various colors, and could be easily crafted with comparatively

simple tools.

Most of the articles of najeon chilgi from the Goryeo Dynasty are large or small chests, articles for horse saddles, or items for stationery such as desks.

The main design usually had some small repeated pattern of vines or chrysanthemums densely arranged on the wooden articles.

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